Through The Rain

ISBN: 9781990778469
The long-awaited finale of the Hidalgo brothers trilogy is here! The third story in the internationally bestselling series that catapulted Ariana Godoy to stardom and inspired a series of Netflix films.

After watching both his brothers get on with their lives, Apolo Hidalgo is excited to embark on his next stage: college. He’s determined to live out his dream, studying psychology and helping others. But his plans are shattered when he’s attacked and beaten in an alley one rainy night. But in the end, that’s how he meets her: Rain.

The girl with the umbrella saves him, and even though he doesn’t know who she is, he can’t forget her. When he finally finds her again, Apolo is even more smitten. Through her, he meets Xan, the owner of a cafe, and soon the three are together all the time. But as they grow closer as a group, it becomes clear that Rain and Xan are hiding much more than Apolo could have imagined.

Apolo is full of good intentions, but that’s no guarantee of anything . . . especially in love.
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