Virtuous Deception 2: Playing for Keeps

ISBN: 9781645561293
When Michelle tunneled into her family’s history, she triggered a truth bomb that exploded into an inferno scorching everyone in its wake.

When the smoke cleared, Michelle had lost her father to the grave and her mother to a truth so painful recovery seemed improbable. Teetering along the edge of hopelessness, her grasp on reality is rapidly thinning as her world collapses. When infidelity strikes her last safe place, the effects of the betrayal are brutal, pitting Michelle against everyone and everything she loves.

Sophie Lewis is trying to build a relationship with her estranged daughter, Brianna, when an old love returns, bringing a consortium of hurts along with him. Peter Baxter is intent on rekindling their flame, but Sophie has good reason to be hesitant. His presence breathes life into parts of her she’d rather leave buried, further complicating her fragile situation. Will Sophie survive the revival of her past, or will she be forced to disappear again?
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