What We've Forgotten: An Interdimensional Adventure to Remember the Wonder Within

ISBN: 9781959524014
What We’ve Forgotten is an ancient text for modern times that promises to undermine systems of oppression through the power of wonder and magic available to us all. Meeting at the intersection of social justice, technology, and witchery, it's magic book for the tech world that takes readers on an active quest through the cosmos of consiousness.

Shining new light on the old ways, 
What We’ve Forgottenis a like playing Legend of Zelda in a book. Each chapter is its own temple, its own room. Amy Miranda leads readers through an active meditation, bringing them through portals in the universe that most of us don't even realize we have access to. What We've Forgotten reminds us of the adventure, rites, and ritual of journey work. Wonder witch and oracle Amy Miranda invites us all into a temple of remembering, taking us through the cosmos of consciousness to reconnect us all into the deep magic of life. Unlike most books on magic, What We've Forgotten recreates the mystery and adventure of deep journey work, leading readers to their deepest memories and hidden truths.

For the first time, the traditions of shamanic practice are given new life, told through a modern perspective while still honoring their historical and cultural traditions. Amy Miranda is not your usual witch - unless your witch quotes Public Enemy while communing with ascendent masters, all while connecting thousands of clients and followers with guides, forces, and powers from the other side of the veil. Amy always knew she was a magician - just not the kind that pulled rabbits out of hats, rather the kind that invited people down the rabbit hole. In What We've Forgotten, that invite is extended to all, creating a literary VR-experience where readers will journey through the temple of their consciousness, helping them to understand how magic is nothing more than the chemicals we are made of and the ether in which we all exist, now, before, and beyond.

In this heartbreaking and hilarious work of witchery, Amy adds a new spin on some of the most famous teachers under which she was trained, including Sandra Ingerman, taking the rites and rituals of journey work, and not only making them accessible to all, but understandable, sharing the historical, scientific (she will definitely take readers to Nerdtown), and cultural traditions which ground the work of cosmic consciousness, and its interdimensional exploration. Through this experience, readers will not only have the opportunity to engage with their own cosmic consciousness, but begin to see that our world can achieve collective liberation not only through the disengagement with systems of oppression, but through the re-engagement of wonder, that lives within us all.
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