When We Ruled Study Guide & Reading Plan

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Why You Should Be Reading This Study Guide • Do you want to master your history? • Do you teach or lecture on Black or African history? As part of my mission to popularise Black or African history, it is clear that the premier book on that history, When We Ruled, needs an equally premier learning resource. This study guide and 60 day reading plan is an essential resource for students and lecturers of Black or African History. If you follow this guide alongside When We Ruled: • You will gain mastery over Black or African History • Your knowledge will be the envy of your friends and family • Learning your history will skyrocket your confidence and esteem • Your interest in all areas of human culture will dramatically increase • You will have a vast reserve of information to pass on to your children Even after just 15 days of reading and study, I promise that you will know more Black or African history that 90% of people who claim to be knowledgeable in this area! One part of this guide is a 60 day plan to read and learn the contents of When We Ruled. The guide suggests what pages should be read each day and contains test questions for you to answer. Another part of this guide divides Black or African History into 42 key themes in approximately chronological order similar to how a lecturer or teacher may set out a history course. Aimed at teachers and lecturers, it suggests what pages should be read and also recommends additional books that you or your students could profitably learn from. Robin Walker

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