ISBN: 9780865432192
The aim of this book is to provide a reasonably broad introduction to the works of Soyinka and to the varieties of criticism they have elicited. There are many different critical methodologies represnted, ranging from those concerned with verbal texture (linguistic, structural and textual approaches) to those focusing on cultural context (historical, mythological and comparative studies). One will also find plenty of metacriticism-- critics quarreling with one another about fine points of interpretation or surveying a wide range of response to a particular text or issue. Soyinka's complex, nuanced art affords and inexhaustible source of stimulation to sensitive readers, so it is hardly surprising that there are so many different readings of his works. The essays collected here will not bring an end to appraisals of the achievements of one of Africa's most abundantly gifted writers. This book is meant merely as an appetizer for the feast of commentary to come.
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