Wrath Of A Sidepiece

By: Tray Real
ISBN: 9798223781073

Being a sidepiece is not a role everyone is equipped to play. Some jump in the game thinking it's a position when in actually it's not a position it's a demotion. Don't get me wrong, if material or monetary gain along with some stick and move is all you want, don't be busted up when that's all you get. The rules don't change the players do! Don't catch feelings where there are none.

Welcome to the world of Tru Livingston. Tru lost his father to a heart attack and his mother was killed shortly thereafter. Although he experienced this tragedy, Tru completed medical school and became an OBGYN opening his own practice. He had the money to do so thanks to his parents insurance money, savings, and his inheritance. This didn't sit well with the person lurking in his shadows, especially when they felt like Tru was living the life they should have. Life began spiraling out of control for Tru. Trust was an outdated factor, every day became a mental battle, and he found out quickly that a scorned woman could do more damage to a man than the devil himself.

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