Xpress Hebrew Israelite Scriptures - 400 Years of Slavery Edition: Restored Hebrew KJV Bible (H.I.S. Word)

ISBN: 9781733698702

This Bible translation, in Hardback, is based on the King James Version with all names restored to its original Hebrew. This version, written in black and white includes detailed information about the Hebrew origins of the Old Testament and New Testament. A detailed Hebraic understanding, and breakdown is also given concerning the Father YAHOWAH & His Son YAHOSHUA names. The book also contains coded text in black, white, and grayscale, to aid the reader in understanding the true Hebrew meanings hidden in the text. Black and white photographs of the Holy Land and Hebrew Culture are included to enhance the reader's experience. This XPRESS Edition commemorates the 400 Years of U.S. Slavery. It is the perfect companion to the Restored Hebrew KJV Apocrypha.

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