The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide

ISBN: AWB009347
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Neely Fuller, Jr. has constructed one of the most important books/concepts to help permanently eliminate Racism. His principle contention is this: "If you don't understand Racism - what it is and how it works - everything else that you do understand will only confuse you." Most black and non-white people are very confused about White people and the Global System of White Supremacy. This text book, helps non-white people understand that Racism is not an occasional nuisance or an elderly White man with out-dated ways of thinking; rather, Racism is a network of White people who are committed to the maintenance and refinement of the most powerful terrorist organization in the universe. Mr. Fuller also explains some of the ways that White people practice White Supremacy/Racism. The primary method being deception. Mr. Fuller's work emphasizes that a CRITICAL aspect of eroding White Supremacy/Racism involves being precise and accurate with the use of words. White people generate a considerable amount of confusion and conflict with their use of words. Often, Racist Man & Racist Woman use words to infect black people with false, self-damaging conflicts. Like the term "MINORITY". And "ANTI-RACIST". Mr. Fuller's book gives a detailed explanation of why black people must pay greater attention to the words used to articulate the crimes of White people.

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